Landowners can be approached to probably permit telecommunications, cell tower or other wireless equipment to be installed on their property. It is advisable for the landowners to initially determine their bargaining power in such kind of a transaction. Cell tower lease negotiations depend a lot on the unique characteristics of a potential cell tower location and the estimated value of the property to the cell phone carrier or tower company. As you negotiate with these companies, you need to consider some factors. You should identify the distinct characteristics of your property or building. For instance, you can determine how tall your building is in relation to adjacent building within your close vicinity. You can also find out if your land has distinct topographical attributes that can give you an edge over other landowners in your locations. It is also recommended to find out the alternatives that the cell tower company holds relative to other properties in the area that has the same zoning or layout classifications. You should also find out if your building can offer adequate space for a cell tower company to not only construct a tower but also provide room for possible expansion in the near future. Click here to read more!

With careful research, the landowner has bargaining power and leverage that will come in handy during negotiations. As the landowner, you can listen to the alternatives that the cell phone carrier or the tower company has together with the total value of the potential tower location compared to the cell phone carrier. Once the cell tower lease transaction has started the landowner should focus keenly on some primary areas as mentioned below. The rent to be provided will rely heavily on various dynamics. You should put into consideration the space requirement of the cell phone carrier or tower company needed to install the equipment. The overall functionality or utility of the cell tower location to the cell phone carrier should also be considered. The type of equipment to be installed will depend on the amount of space that the landowner can provide. The space to be offered can either be on rooftop or ground. You should understand clearly that the cell tower company will not only look for sufficient space to install its equipment but also the space that can accommodate prospective subtenants or co-locators. The landowner should clearly estimate the co-location fees and sublease that should be awarded to him. You can be able to request revenue sharing from a tenant. Ensure you understand the terms and condition of the cell tower lease. Click to view here!


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